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This article is about the Character Lady Friday. For the book see Lady Friday (Book)

Lady Friday was one of the Seven Trustees of the Architect and the wielder of the Fifth Key. She was also Mistress of the Middle House. She is afflicted with the deadly sin of Lust. Lady Friday was presumably killed by Dame Primus.

Domain and KeyEdit

Lady Friday's Key takes the shape of a handheld mirror that can steal people's exprience and can telleport anyone or her to ny other shiny object. Her domain is the Middle House, the area of the House between the Lower House and Upper Houses. The Middle House is shaped like a large mountain, with several enormous ledges and ,apparently, multiple skies. Lady Friday's Scriptorium is at the top. The Middle House is focused primarily on gilding and enhancing records. It is guarded by the Winged Servants of the Night, under Friday's Dusk, and the Gilded Youths, under Friday's Dawn. As of the fifth book, the weather of the Middle House was broken causing eternal winter in the lower areas. This will most likely be changed by the New Architect.

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