House Precedence is the 'rank' of precedence you have inside the House, and the House specifically. However, this your House Precedence may change in the Secondary Realms.

House Precedence 1- 36 Before Lord Arthur Came

  1. The Architect
  2. Lord Sunday
  3. Superior Saturday
  4. Lady Friday
  5. Sir Thursday
  6. Duchess Wednesday
  7. Grim Tuesday
  8. Mister Monday
  9. The Old One
  10. The Mariner
  11. The Piper
  12. Sunday's Noon
  13. Sunday's Dawn
  14. Sunday's Dusk
  15. Saturday's Noon
  16. Saturday's Dawn
  17. Saturday's Dusk
  18. Friday's Noon
  19. Friday's Dawn
  20. Friday's Dusk
  21. Thursday's Noon
  22. Thursday's Dawn
  23. Thursday's Dusk
  24. Wednesday's Dawn
  25. Monday's Noon
  26. Monday's Dawn
  27. Monday's Dusk
  28. Tuesday's Yan
  29. Tuesday's Tan
  30. Tuesday's Tethera
  31. Tuesday's Methera
  32. Tuesday's Pits
  33. Tuesday's Sethera
  34. Tuesday's Azer
  35. The Captain Keeper of the Front Door
  36. The Lieutenant Keeper of the Front Door

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