Below are some projects that need doing on this wiki, and I can only do so much at a time so any help would be apreciated. If you decide to help, please place your name in brackets beside the name of the project. Who knows, helping may equal brownie points! :P

Hyperlinking Project [Taken by Junga] - By using the list of pages on the wiki, page by page add and fix up hyperlinks.

Red Link Project [Taken by SkyArcelon] - By using the list of pages on the wiki, page by page make pages for the red links.

Grammar Fiend Project [Taken by SkyArcelon] - This project is simple, monitor all pages for spelling and punctuation mistakes and fix them.

Catergory Fix Up Project - Going through the list of categories and write an introduction for all of them that don't have one.

Administrator Set-Up Project [Taken by Junga/Will!] - Go through the many administrative pages and edit them to make them more up to date and personalised for this wiki.

More to come soon...

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