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  • AsHeart

    The 'Council Of The Days' From Wednesdays Point Of View.

    Wednesday was in a large elevator, surrounding by her Dawn, Noon and Dusk. A Deputy's-Assistant-Bell-ringer stood in the corner, cowering slightly, he was, after all, in the presence of 'Royalty' and the highest ranking person he had ever seen was Dawns Deputy's Assistant. As the Elevator slowed, The Bell-Ringer rang a small silver bell in his hand, and Wednesday stepped forward, she spoke in her commanding voice “Dawn and Noon, stay in the Border Sea please, manage the affairs as I would, And Dusk, please take the Front Door to the Far Reaches and arrange a shipment of Simultaneous Bottles, while I hate them, they still pay a fair price for the bottles...”

    Wednesday then steeped out …

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  • AsHeart

    Arthur stood, facing the wall of Nothing hurtling towards him. "Stop." His voice boomed out and all the Keys began to glow. Humming with energy Arthur focussed his mind on pushing the Nothing back. Behind him only a few Denizens, Lord Sunday, Suzy and Dame Primus. The Old One was frozen in place, with a magical barrier around Dame Primus, stopping the pair from meeting. He felt the Nothing winning, He couldnt hold it off much longer....

    Suddenly, a new burst of Energy flared through Arthur and the Nothing retreated a short distance, leaving a House, and exhibit from the Elysium, Although Arthur recorgnized the House, for it was his family's. A new surge of hope ran through Arthur, and he advanced upon the nothing, sending Sun-bursts flying …

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